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Yeah this goth does some great things so sit back and take a look at what I got.

Japanese Things I like
I love just about everything Japanese. The food the clothes(goth clothes) and the anime as well as the music which is called J-Pop. One day when I have the money I will move out there. I am learning the language in which I knew someone that could help me learn it. If I ever have a child she will know the language too. I want be able to read and write in Japanese.
Crochet Things
I love to crochet things for my god kid's and I love to crochet baby thing like blankets mainly round ripples and starghans. I love to test things for people when it is baby or kid's clothes. I just got into swapping and got some lovely yarn as a result. I will try and swap more.
Fairies,Goth and Harry Potter stuff
I love fairies and I am gothic. I like anything that has fairies and practically everything goth. I dress eat and sleep goth. I love anything with skulls and darkness. I LOVE Harry Potter. I am sad that the series is over as far as waiting for a new book to come out but I love reading them all over and over again. I made a tank top to wear the the 5th movie a got awesome compliments on it. I am going to make something else when the next movies come out but I haven't decided yet. Of course it will be goth b/c goths RULE!!!Webfetti.com

Favorite Animes
Okay my fave animes so far are Naruto, Blood Plus, Death Note, Ghost in the Shell, Please Teacher!, Eureka Seven, Hand Maid May, Fruits Baskets, Chobits, Bleach, NieA, FLCL or Fooly Cooly, Inuyasha, oh there are so many to name right now.
Other things
Of course I am a HUGE Spice Girl fan but I LOVE the singer SADE first and formost. I love those ladies. I was sad when Geri left the group but they went on to make another great album. I have so much stuff I collected of the Spice Girls. My iPod has all their music from the two albums they did with Geri and the one they did after she left. I also have some of their songs that each lady has done since splitting up. I was so mad I couldn't go to any of the concerts they did with their comeback tour. They all have beautifull children and they all look great. I am in the process of crocheting a Spice blanket to add to my collection of Spice things.Webfetti.com

Wednesday, November 07, 2012
Okay the post below this is me asking for help to help me on my journey to get my fibroid surgery so I can one day be a mom like the rest of you ladies out there. My insurance kicked in and paid all but the $1,248 and that's what I'm left with paying. Unfortunately I can't afford it all by myself and my family has all but not helped me out. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much ladies for the help.
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It's been a long time but look what I made
Tuesday, September 14, 2010

These dolls are all made from the same pattern from TGLDdoll. Here is her etsy store link she has some of the cutest things in her shop:

This is Yumi(you-me) she is the oldest of the triplets I made. Her fav color is purple
This is Saya(sigh-ya) she is the middle child of the triplets, ger fav color is pink
This is Aoi(owie) who is the youngest of the triplets, her fav color is blue hence her name Aoi which means blue in japanese
This is Niji(Nee-gee) which means rainbow in japanese. She is the triplets cousin and she loves rainbows, ahe even put rainbow colored streaks in her hair.
Here is a pic of the whole family together. I got permission to see dolls I make from this pattern so if you want one let me know.
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Sassy Stripes Tops and Happy Birthday Sierra
Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Okay my oldest god daughter Sierra turned 9 yesterday and I was able to get these tops done in time. They are called Sassy Stripe and the pattern is from a book called Topsy Turvy. The person who created this pattern is named Jennifer Cirka. I wasn't able to get my god sons' hoodie done I just need to do the hood. I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn in Lavender, Light and Dark Orchid, Baby Pink, Light Raspberry and Magenta and a H hook.

Aren't these tops cute? The hats in the pic are from Charlene and they are called Easy Breezy Hats and you can find it in her etsy shop if I'm not mistaken. The purple hat was too small and the pink hat was just right.

Here is the birthday girl Sierra in her top.

Here is my youngest god daughter Lucy in her top.

Here they are showing the back of their tops.

Ahw now they're giving hugs. That's my god son in the background.
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Baby Set for School Counselor
Sunday, December 13, 2009
I made this dress set for my god kid's 16 yr old sister school counselor. She is due in feb and of course it's a girl. When she got the set she loved it and promised to keep in otuch with me when she wants something else for her baby.
The little shoes I got from a pattern on etsy called Double Strap Booties. They come in all sizes from newborn to 12 months I think.

I just like this pic better b/c the colors show up better then the other pics.

Here are the little booties I made to go with the set I made. Aren't they the cutest?

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Bag I made for my mini laptop
Here is a mini laptop bag I made for my mini laptop lol. I no longer have the mini laptop, I have a regular 15 inch screen laptop, but I just wanted to show off my bag I made for it.
Here it is opened to show the big striped pocket.

Here is the pocket on the inside of the bag. It's a cute little pocket.

Here is the mini I used to have inside the mini bag.

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Alyssa and Ashlynn
Wednesday, July 22, 2009
Okay Alyssa is my exs' neice. His mom asked me to make her a outfit for the 4th of July. She saw the one I made my youngest god daughter and wanted it to look just like that so I recreated it for a 1 year old and this is what I got.
Here is the skirt with the shorts up under it.
This is another dress I made for Alyssa. This is called the Bella Flora and the pattern is on etsy by Scrap with Nikki. This is a size 12 months. As you can see I ran out of the yellow I was using when it came to making the top part of the dress but they said it was fine.
This is the set I made for a good friend of mine. She got her first grand daughter in early June and her name is Ashlynne. The dress is from Crotiques called 'Girl's Sleeper Dress' I have made so many of these dresses so far that it is so easy. They loved this set.
The blanket is actually called 'Little Boy Blue 8 Point Round Ripple' say that five times fast lol. I made so many of these blankets. Each of my god kids has one of these.
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I can't believe I didn't post my godson's blanket
Sunday, November 02, 2008
Here is my god sons' blanket I made him for our b-day yes our b-days are on the same day lol. This is scrap greens as you can see it measures 61 or 63 inches from ponit to point.
Here is the little man sitting next to his blanket .
Here he is sitting on one of the points to show how big it s. He was making a face at his mom in this one.

Once again he wanted to show how big his blanket is by laying down on it.

Finally he decided he wanted to be a green blanket ghost lol.

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For Alyssa
Sunday, July 27, 2008
Okay my boyfriend's nephews girl just had a baby girl this past June, so my b/f's mom has hired me to make outfits for the baby. The first dress started out as a romper but I made it into a dress instead. Here is the link to the pattern for the romper: http://danettesangels.tripod.com/patterns/pattern_newborn_romper.html
This next dress was actually a top. It was buttoned down but I turned it around and sewed the back shut. I got the pattern for this dress here:http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/janet-wolfe/1secgoinghome.html I did the whole pattern for the top then turned it into a dress. This is a onesie I made it was cool to make but kind of tideous and I will make it again. I tried to use the same color buttons that's in the yarn. The pattern for this onesie is here:http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/onesie-robin.html
Alyssa's father is in the military so I made her this outfit for her pics she had taken. The top and panties under the skirt can be found here:http://www.geocities.com/missmarlad/diapershirt.html the link for the diaper cover is in the link as well. As for the skirt I made that up myself with three rows of dc's then I just did v stitches the rest of the way and then added a shell border around the bottom.

Okay of all these outfits the booties are all made from the same pattern called 'Sockies' I got the pattern for them from here:http://www.geocities.com/gossgirl2/sockies.htm so far the outfits were loved by great aunt and Alyssa's mom.
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